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All work is original and hand painted in a realistic style. The slate is recycled from the roofs of area houses, barns & churches.   The artist, Trish, gathers the slate directly from the sites herself and on occasion has helped remove it from the roof.  Each piece of slate is carefully inspected to make sure it is free of fractures. The pieces will be shaped; rough or sharp edges will be removed. The slate is then scrubbed with detergent and sanitized a second time with a bleach cleanser. Once the slate is dry the subject matter is then drawn and painted onto the surface of the slate.  Holes will be drilled into the finished pieces and a cord will be strung through to serve as a means of hanging the art work.

The paint used on each piece is an artists' acrylic which is permanent, flexible, fade resistant and waterproof. The art can thereby be gently cleaned with a damp cloth. [MAKE SURE NEVER TO SCRUB YOUR PAINTING]. Pieces which are to be hung outside are sprayed with a clear coat of weather resistant acrylic spray. Some pieces also have a fine glitter applied to them.

Pieces of slate may be worked into specific shapes such as states, arrowheads, emblems or left as more natural looking pieces.  

Inspiration comes mainly from nature in the form of birds, wildlife, flowers and fruits & vegetables.  Other subject matter includes buildings, homes, churches, lighthouses, Celtic symbolism, geometric designs and Native American motifs.  Also part of Trish's portfolio are pet and human portraits and holiday & welcome signs.

Some of the most popular items are those featuring sports teams, especially snowmen dressed in team colors.  Also popular are pieces featuring caps. helmets and/or jerseys of a favorite school or team.  Items can range from small ornament sized pieces to large portrait sizes.  The colors of any high school, collegiate, or professional team can be used.  Any sport can be portrayed [football, baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, golf, NASCAR, etc].

Snowmen can also be done to portray occupations, hobbies, or other activities.

To see samples of Trish's artwork check out the catalog section of this website.

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