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The artist, Trish Smith resides in Fremont, Ohio with her husband Bill.  They have 2 grown children; son Travis resides in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and daughter Leanne, also resides in Fremont with her own daughter JayLee, granddaughter to Trish & Bill.

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Trish has been an art teacher for many years; teaching at St. Ann School & St. Joseph School in Fremont, Ohio and at the Campfire Complex at Misty Meadows in Fremont. She has given private art lessons in her home to both children and adults.
Trish earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Bowling Green State University in 1979. She has worked her entire life to develop and perfect her artistic talents and realistic style of painting. She is a past member of the Toledo Artists Club and current member of the Toledo Craftsman's Guild. She has exhibited in art shows and craft fairs throughout Ohio and South Carolina.

Her work can also be purchased at "Appalachian Art & Craft Market" in Rockbridge, Ohio and at "Jody Did It" in Marblehead, Ohio.

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Trish can work in a variety of media including watercolor, pen & ink, colored pencil or acrylics, on paper or canvas. She also makes bead & wire jewelry.  But her favorite medium is acrylics on slate which is what is featured on this site. For more information about this unique style of art check out the "About the Art" section of this website.

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